Welcome to my world of yoga, mantras & all the other wonderful things which I would like to share with you.

Mantras are a combination of sounds and phrases, which have been known in India for thousands of years. Through their power they have strong effects on the mind and body. By chanting a mantra, the entire mind and intellect are energized.

The mantras by myself and Guru Atman have a specific meaning, which I interpreted in the refrain (chorus). When you chant the mantra with devotion, it gives the you great benefits. Enjoy yourself!

Peace & love!

Yours Canda

About Canda

To travel to foreign countries is one of the most exciting things you can do in life. I have met very nice and interesting people and I have learned so much – not at least also about myself. There are musical experiences in India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Australia and Africa which belongs to the most beautiful moments in my life. These moments are reflected in my songs. Just listen to them & get inspired too…

Yoga Mantra

Global Beats have always been my hobby horse. My musical teamwork with Guru Atman started in the Goa- & Tribal Beats scene, where we used to play gigs. In the meantime Guru Atman has become quite popular with some Yoga Music albums and I am glad to have some very nice fans because of my Yoga workouts. That all led to my Yoga Mantra project.


Canda is coach for yoga, pilates & qi gong

Canda is a coach for relaxation. Fitness & wellness classes: Yoga, Pilates und Qi Gong. Yoga music with Guru Atman: Mantra Pop, Kundalini Yoga Mantras, Mantra Yoga Music, Healing Yoga Mantras. Please visit the website of GURU ATMAN for wonderful yoga music and TEMPLE SOCIETY for calming qi gong music.
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